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Lucid Dreaming



MARCH, 2019

Lucid Dreaming

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Have you ever experienced a dream in which you were totally aware that, you are dreaming? That’s exactly what a lucid dream (also referred to as clear dream or conscious dream) is.

So this and the following posts in this category, we will cover all about lucid dreaming, its benefits, how you can learn to lucid dream as well as lucid dreaming techniques and tips to practice having clear dreams.

The Term Lucid Dreaming and Its Meaning(s)

Lucid is another word for clear and can be interpreted as aware or conscious. So a lucid dream is an extraordinary kind of dream in which you notice “Hey, I am dreaming!”. As soon as you get aware of that, you are able to take full control of your dream environment.

In other words: you become a kind of creator who holds power to design a whole world to your delight. However, this is just the beginning.

Read on to discover the wonders and possibilities awaiting you down the rabbit hole.

Lucid Dreaming Enables You to Control and Shape Your Dreams to Your Liking.

What Can I Do While Lucid Dreaming?

As a skilled lucid dreamer (also called an oneironaut) you can do, meet, create and experience absolutely everything you wish and experience it in the same sensory richness as if you were awake.

There are infinite possibilities how you can improve your dream world, your nights and even yourself by dreaming lucidly.

Let’s Start with the Just-For-Fun-Stuff of Conscious Dreams:

During lucid dreams, you can:

  • Dream to fly (my all time favorite ;] )
  • Swim deep under the ocean
  • Visit the most breathtaking paradises that our earth offers us (platinum beaches, endless green jungles, the highest mountains,..)
  • Ascend to the stars and visit other planets (have you ever jumped on the moon and watched earth from above? )
  • Leave our solar system and find other galaxies
  • Create even more amazing worlds of your own
  • Be the hero of your favorite book, film, or series
  • Meet your idols, favorite movie, book, or series characters, or whoever else you adore
  • Meet your crush
  • Have sex with anyone you like to
  • Realize your wildest fantasies

This list is infinite. You really can do anything you want! Just go ahead and dream a reality of your fantasies – your own lucid world!

What Else Is There to Do?

In addition, there are many psychological values and benefits for the ones among us interested in personal growth and self-exploration.

Want to attend a self-exploration seminar? Use your dreams! :]

In Lucid Dreams You Can:

  • Solve thinking problems by asking your subconscious mind
  • Come up with creative ideas (music, pictures, solutions to unsolved questions, book ideas,…)
  • Train new skills like rollerblading, skiing, …
  • Probe communication skills with dream characters
  • Immerse in self-healing techniques
  • Discover who you really are: meet your higher mind (aka. your true self)

There is more still. Check out the next lessons to learn all about the benefits of lucid dreaming.

Sounds awesome? – Indeed it is! Sound impossible? – I promise you; it is not. Dreaming clearly is a skill that can be learned, just like any other.

True, it takes a little time and the real will to do so, but it is as achievable as reading, writing, or tieing your shoes – and you managed that, too, didn’t you? 😉

What Do I Need to Learn to Dream Lucidly?

Becoming a lucid dreamer is easier than you might think.

To learn to dream lucidly, you basically need just 3 things:

  • Real motivation to do so

  • A little patience with yourself and the practice

  • Some good advice to spare you time from finding out all on your own (you find this at the Academy)

Of course, there is a bunch of literature, supplements, apps and other devices that can boost your progress (we will cover them in detail in the other lessons).

Yet fundamentally you just need those 3 above.

Are Lucid Dreams Dangerous?

In short: No.

Being aware that you are dreaming is. It will probably give you a thrill of excitement the first few times you do it, that’s all.

If you are having serious mental health problems such as schizophrenia, or a split personality you should, however, consult your doctor first. This is because lucid dreams might then add to your already existing problems to distinguish between what is real and what isn’t.

If you are mentally sane however lucid dreaming is absolutely harmless and helps you become more aware.

Also, there are a lot of easy lucid dreaming techniques, called reality checks (we will cover them later), that will clearly tell you if you are dreaming or awake.

So you don’t need to worry about having problems with lucid dreaming.

In fact, those clear and aware dreams can be some of the most beautiful and exciting experiences you have ever had!

How to Learn to Lucid Dream

Now that you have an idea about what lucid dreaming is, check out our further lessons, to get useful advice and info about


Now it’s your turn:

  • ask questions
  • share your experiences, tips, tricks, thoughts, and opinions
  • and add anything else you’d like to the topic

Post your thoughts in the comment box below to connect with like-minded people. It’s Fun! :]

I cordially invite you to learn, grow and develop your lucid dreaming skills with us, at ​Self-Awareness.Academy!

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