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CoBraS Lucid Dreaming Technique


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What is the CoBraS Lucid Dreaming Technique?

CoBraS or Conscious Brain Stimulation by InfiniteMinds and is a new and simple method, designed to get you more aware of conscious dreams in the night to come.

By a conscious, mental stimulation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, the part of the human brain, which is responsible for self-reflection, you can heighten your chance to have a lucid dream tonight.


Increased activity, in this area of the human brain, is associated with an increase of clarity that carries over into the dream state.

CoBraS Lucid Dreaming Is an Easy Method to Stimulate You Brain for Lucid Dreams

How to Apply the CoBraS Lucid Dreaming Technique

#1 Preparation for the Conscious Brain Stimulation Technique

Part one consists of a simple pretrial. This will take you just one minute and is an exciting experiment, beneficial for self-awareness in general: 

  1. Choose one forefinger (whether the left or right) and focus on it for a minute. Firmly hold your attention upright on this part of your body.
  2. Observe what happens, or better said what you notice as you concentrate.

Probably you have experienced the first changes about how your forefinger feels, after a short time. Maybe it appeared greater or overweight. Perhaps it has also started to tingle, or to pulse. 

When you let go of your focus, this increased awareness will continue to reverberate for some time. 

That’s precisely what the Conscious Brain Stimulation heads for. 

By a focus on a particular area – in this case, the one that is related to lucid dreaming – we can stimulate this area to be more active when we fall asleep.

#2 The Actual Conscious Brain Stimulation

Combine this with the WBTB lucid dreaming technique. Go to bed at night normally and do the steps, as described in the waking back to technique :

  1. Go to sleep as usual and set your alarm clock that it may ring five to six hours later (you may vary this time to five, five and a half, and six hours until you find out what works best for you).
  2. When your alarm rings, be sure to remember your dreams as best as you can and write them down. Now get up for 30 to 60 minutes (also here you may vary in the length to test the effectiveness).

    A Tip Regarding Your Sleep-Type:
    → If you are like me, having a hard time to fall asleep again, you may stay in bed, so you do not get too awake.
    → If on the other side, you are a coma-sleeper, you may need to get more awake, to make sure your brain, does not fall asleep too deeply. Bright light and thinking tasks, such as doing maths or thinking over a problem, help you with that.
  3. After 45(better fitting for light sleepers) to 60 minutes (more ideal for heavy sleepers), go to bed again.

Now we want to generate a state of REM sleep with increased activity of the DLPFC (dorsolateral prefrontal cortex) in our brain.

When you fall asleep again, your brain will automatically adjust itself to REM sleep, so the mentioned region for clarity within dreams needs to be activated.

So, back in bed, go on trying this:

  1. Relax your body by a method that appeals to you.
  2. While relaxing the body focus your attention in front, left half of your brain marked in the picture, like you focused on your forefinger, before.
  3. Optional: Lighten the focus, or let it completely, after some minutes, if you are among those that do not fall asleep easily.
  4. Go back to sleep, knowing that you have activated the vital parts of your brain, to have a lucid dream.

Falling asleep with this increased awareness, you have established the best conditions for having a clear dream.

This lucid dreaming technique is remarkably simple, and can easily be done by beginners. Just have a try the next time you wake at night!

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