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10 Striking Benefits of Lucid Dreaming


1.) Reach Higher Levels of Awareness Through Clear Dreaming

By being more considerate about your state of consciousness, either awake or asleep will improve your waking life as well as your nights.

In entraining your mind to notice that you are dreaming, you will learn to be more aware during the day. That is because you pay more attention to yourself as well as your surroundings, to perceive the little clues that indicate that you are dreaming.

You will develop habits to check your state of awareness, called reality checks. In time this practice will carry over into your sleep.

This habit is not only useful to realize when you are dreaming but will have a significant impact on your daily life.

Becoming more aware means to live in the present moment. To notice what is going on in the world around you and  – most important – within yourself. In other words, you get access to yourself.

Such mindfulness will gift you with the invaluable opportunity of deliberate choice. It empowers you to deliberately choose, how you would rather like to act in given situations, instead of only reacting.

An example:

I used to be a person reacting with fright and sometimes even tears in confrontations. That was a learned – and most annoying – unconscious behavior, I probably learned when I was little. Stress-triggered that response and I just reacted to it, never being able to get rid off it entirely.

By learning to become more aware I also learned to notice unpleasant emotions welling up inside of me early. In time, I managed to hold on a moment in such situations. To reflect on what’s going on inside me and if my usual (tearful) reaction would really be helpful.

Finally and through practice I overcame this learned behavior, replacing it with mindfulness and a choice.

The good news: Becoming more mindful and aware can help with quite any learned unwelcome habits such as anxiety, aggressiveness, fear, stress-reactions, and so on.

If you are able to clear dream, you can even directly use your dreams to practice managing your freak-out moments within the sanctuary of your mind. Like that you will be more prepared in daily life. Thus you can, bit by bit, effectively change limiting beliefs and annoying habits.

Therefore lucid dreaming is an excellent way to get out more out of your life.

Learn How to Improve Your Life by Profiting of 10 Striking Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

2.) Get in Touch with Your Subconscious Mind and Meet Your Higher Self

In conscious dreams, you get the unique chance to discover your subconsciousness and thus gain access to the full potential that slumbers hidden within yourself.

98% of who we are and what we carry out into our daily lives is the offspring of our ordinarily inaccessible, subconscious mind.

There are stored memories; our conscious mind has long forgotten. Things that determinate how we think and behave, why we think and act like we do, and the answer to who we are, itself.

Do you know who you really are? What makes you, you? What keeps you moving forward in life? Or what makes you happy and what upsets you? Do you know which past events still influence your perception? And most important why this is like that?

If honestly answered, the reply for most of us is “no.” Of course, we all know some things about ourselves, about our strengths, weaknesses, fears, what makes us laugh and what makes us cry. But lots of our driving forces stay hidden to our conscious perception. And often, even if we are aware of them, we can’t point the finger at the why.

Our true and real self is like a puzzle of experiences and events, that form and shapes us.

Unfortunately, the more significant part of that puzzle stays hidden – stays a riddle, even to our own selves. So here more benefits of lucid dreaming come into play:

In a dream your subconscious is active, and when knowing that you are dreaming, you can address this normally locked part of your mind.

So as a lucid dreamer, you can get in dialogue with your true self and everything that sleeps buried among lost long forgotten memories and to the core of who you are.

Ask yourself questions in a lucid dream and be prepared to gradually learn more about yourself and your core beliefs, which developed in childhood.

You’ll probably be stunned by the tremendous insights you get about yourself!

In my opinion, this is one of the most striking benefits of lucid dreaming. The replies I got so far, were some of the most insightful experiences in my life. I would not trade it for gold! 

If you are further interested in how you can use lucid dreams for self-dialogue, I recommend Robert Waggoner’s, book Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self.

3.) Safely Overcome Anxiety and Phobias with Lucid Dreams

Are you afraid of something? I think everybody is – at least to some degree. This may be a fear of speaking in public, a phobia of spiders, or dogs, or great heights, or so on… Through lucid dreaming, you can face and heal those fears without the actual danger and with the knowledge that whatever happens, it only happens in your dream world and therefore cannot harm you. Safely tackle your anxiety by summoning its cause in a conscious dream:
  • Go and pat a big angry dog, or start with a fluffy puppy first. If you are suffering from great fright, make it disappear again. Or turn it into a frog. Or a tasty cake.
  • Jump out a window, then from the top of a mountain, and finally from a plane. Knowing that you can slow the downfall by floating or make an ocean or a trampoline appear beneath you. Or merely dream to fly – with wings, a rocket suit, or without anything. However, you like best!
  • Probe your speech at night in front of a dream clientele of your choice. Make them applaud you, so you recondition your moment of fear to one of joy.
In fact, facing that worst-case scenario and turning it into a positive experience within your dreams establishes a new thinking pattern and a neutral or even positive attitude within your mind that crushes that fear to dust. Once you did it, it often turns out to be fun! I am not afraid of speaking to an audience, anymore. I often immersed in the roaring applause of my dream audience and still benefit from this positive experience in my waking life, when I have to do presentations for my studies. By the way, did you know that a lot of pregnant women unconsciously dream about the birth scene in advance? Dreaming through things we fear, before we actually experience them, appears to be a natural mechanism of our minds to cope with future issues. If the fear-coping-function has raised your interest, you may want to read the full chapter in Patricia Garfield’s book Pathway to Ecstasy: The Way of the Dream Mandala. If you are living close to me (near Munich), you may borrow my copy. 🙂 Many lucid dreamers have achieved to conquer their fears in fighting them within their sleep, without any therapy.

Please note:

I do not suggest to skip professional aid if you are having severe, or acute trouble in managing your life because of them. But if you have an inconvenient fear, phobia or anxiety you have been living with, for a long time, you may want to try to solve them in your dreams, where they can not harm you.

For more successful examples of overcoming fears with lucid dreaming have a look at Timothy Green’s article Lucid Dreaming and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

And please let me know your findings and opinions in the comment box below, as I have not read this one yet! :]

4.) Cure the Grief of Having Lost a Loved Person

Another benefit of lucid dreaming is that it provides you with the opportunity to ease and cure the grieve you have to fight when losing a beloved person.

Often we mainly mourn the lost possibility, to ever get in touch with them again. As a oneironaut (a clear dreamer) you can summon this person within your dreams. Your memories will supply you with all the sensory information to make this person as real as he or she was in life once.

Knowing that in your heart and your dreams, they will stay with you as long as you choose to, really can be the greatest solace in such moments. Like a balm, helping to handle your grieve better. And eventually to go on with your life.

5.) Conscious Dreams Enhance Your Skills and Abilities

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? You can use your lucid dreaming skills as a kind of shortcut to enhance any physical ability in a much faster way by practicing it in your dreams. Why? Because to our brain, the sensory experience we perceive, when dreaming is just as real, like the ones we perceive, when being awake. That means, the connections between the synopsis and your muscle memory, which are built by improving a skill in your dreams, carry over into waking life. In a way, dream practice is very similar to visualization only stronger, as you actually experience the movement as realistically as in your real life, when you do while having a clear dream. Same counts for mental exercises. Rehearse them at night and awe at the progress that carries over into the waking state. I love to practice arguments in my dreams. This helps me a great deal to be prepared for various counter-arguments and different outcomes and reactions. In his book Exploring The World of Lucid Dreaming, the clear dream pioneer Stephen LaBerge published a report from a doctor who successfully practiced surgical cases in his dreams before he had to implement them on his patients. So, which skill would you like to train in a lucid dream?

6.) Improve Your Wholeness and Health

Health is more than the absence of disease. A form of mental, as well as physiological health, is the ability to successfully cope with life’s challenges, without being overthrown by them.

These may be stressful situations, fears (as talked about above) and other problems that life favors us with.

A good example is the ability to get restful sleep. Or even the mere skill to get asleep at night. There are thousands of people suffering from insomnia. Myself having been among them, about five years ago.

At night my body felt heavy as a stone and dead tired, but my anxious mind (that was afraid of not getting enough sleep) would not calm down and therefore sabotage my ability to fall asleep.

In learning to be more aware, I managed to align my body with my mind. And in doing so, fall asleep quickly especially when I needed to, became easier, every day.

So learning to lucid dream can help you to treat insomnia, getting a good night’s rest and even more wholeness of body and mind.

Also the Psychologist Ernest Rossi has suggested that an essential mechanism of dreams is absorption. Thereby he means the fusion of separate psychological structures within yourself into a more whole person. In clear dreams, you can deliberately do so.

Clear dreams are a helpful tool, to reach that integrity and make peace with anxiety, anger, greed, prejudice, false pride as well as faulty assumptions that limit yourself.

As you see, conscious dreaming is an excellent method for your personal growth as well as your health improvement!

7.) Get Creative Ideas, Inspiration, and Find Solutions in Conscious Dreams

Have you ever asked yourself a question and got dream answers? Or was answering a yesterday’s problem much easier, when thinking it over again the next day?

This often happens because your mind ponders over passed day’s issues, as soon as you go to sleep.


When asleep, you have full access to our subconsciousness and thus, to the source of our creative potential. In fact, some of the greatest ideas and inventions are the offspring of dreams.

Here Are Just a Few of Numerous Seminal, Inspiring Dreams:

  • The German chemist, August Kekule, discovered the annular arrangement of atoms in the benzene molecule, when he got the crucial clue in a dream, in which a snake bit its own tail.
  • Frederick Banting won the Nobel Prize for Medicine, as a result of two dreams that led to the discovery of insulin, a remedy for diabetes.
  • The Beetle, Paul McCartney, composed the melody for their song Yesterday within a dream.
Pretty impressive, isn’t it? What is best: As a lucid dreamer, you may directly ask your mind to provide a solution instead of hoping, that it does so in unconscious dreams. Additionally, you may rethink essential decisions during your sleep. There you will find the most honest answer from the depths of your mind. Clear dreaming is a compelling way to summon your full creative potential! Don’t miss that chance to get your answers, inspirations, and clues through lucid dream ideas! Which puzzles do you wish to solve? Solve it, by dreaming consciously!

8.) As a Lucid Dreamer, You Open the Gates to Worlds Beyond the Physical

Have you known that another benefit of lucid dreaming is that it can serve as a gateway to inducing an out of body experience (also called astral projection or OBE). 

If you want me to, add more about OBEs on Self-Awareness.Academy, let me know at our forum.

9.) Co-Practicing Meditation, Yoga Nidra & OBEs

Lucid dreaming, meditation, astral projections, yoga nidra, and much more, all go along with altered states of the mind. They are, in a way, companion practices that revolve around the mastery of states of consciousness with (s)lower brainwave activity. By practicing lucid dreaming you at the same time, train the same abilities, like:
  • mindfulness
  • concentration
  • staying awake and aware through states of the mind, that pass through and beyond sleep
…which you also needed for meditation, yoga nidra, achieving OBEs, and many more practices, related to achieving self-awareness. By improving one skill, you can get better in the others, too.

10.) Last but Not Least, One of the Greatest Benefits of Lucid Dreaming Is Fun

The probably most apparent and thereby most common of the benefits of lucid dreaming is the exhilarating fun it brings to do so. A conscious dream is like an alternate reality that responds to the rules of your mind. Hence, you are free to experience whatever pleases you!
  • Ever wanted to visit the white beaches of the Caribbean? Asia? Afrika Europe? India? Or Australia? Just go there, with a little skill, nothing can hold you back!
  • Live through anything as vibrant and authentic as if you were awake. Do anything you feel like, without harmful consequences!
  • Go back in time. A century or two, the medieval times or back to the stone age. Even meet dinosaurs!
  • Visit the stars, another planet or leave our solar system to discover the vast eternities of your imagination.
Anything you can imagine, you can dream to reality there. No limits. N.o.n.e.!

Get Inspired by My Lucid Dreaming Experiences

Like countless other oneironauts, I perceived my lucid dreams as some of the most pleasurable adventures, I ever experienced.

When I became aware of my first willingly induced clear dream, my heart felt like bursting with the glee of possibility!

Although that’s apparently not the best idea to do on your first lucid dream, I hopped out the window of the classroom I was in and flew away into the motley wonderland of my imagination.

During the following years I:

  • experienced countless and truly priceless moments within the realms of my lucid kingdom
  • was the hero of my favorite books, a cat, a bird, a grasshopper. I invented my very own stories and replayed them in any shade I wished to
  • made friends among my dream characters (by the way the monsters that haunt your dreams are not the bad guys you might think)
  • talked to my higher self and sunk to the grounds of the deepest seas
  • met Cleopatra in old Egypt – or what my mind believes is Cleopatra ;]
  • and let myself be drawn into a black hole.
  • also, I was the first women on the moon, when humankind still lived in caves. 😛

There are simply no words to describe the delight; all those events gave me!

What would you want to do? Make some plans for tonight and share them in the comment box below to inspire others. Get in touch with like-minded – it’s fun! :]

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