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12 Proven Lucid Dreaming Tips


What You Will Learn Here

On this lesson I will provide you with some lucid dreaming tips, that will help you to get the most out of your nightly adventures.

Also it will help you to avoid common problems with lucid dreaming and have a great time instead!

With These Lucid Dreaming Tips Your Success Will Skyrocket in No Time

Skills You Should Practice in Your Lucid Dreams

Dreams can be quite an unruly lot, and often have a mind of their own. As a freshly baked oneironaut (lucid dreamer), you will need a little practice, and the fitting methods, so that you can master your clear dreams actively, rather than the other way round. 

To achieve dream mastery, there are two big categories of lucid dreaming tips, you should become familiar with.

  1. The first section is about how to stabilize your clear dreams, so you do not lose it, the moment you become lucid.
  2. The second part will teach you, how to obtain control of you conscious dreams, and will provide you with the proper tools, to be really free to do whatever you want.

In the end, I will list some more helpers, and shortcuts, that can help you to get lucid throughout the night.


Lucid Dreaming Tips Part 1: How to Stabilize Lucid Dreams

I strongly recommend learning how to stabilize your lucid dreams before trying to control them. I know the lure of running around and willing your plans into dream reality. 

Yet, as a beginner, you will risk losing your dream again, before you can fulfill any of your wishes, if you can not make your clear dream a stable, first. 

So here are your helpers to stabilize a lucid dream.

1.1 Stay Calm

Sounds quite simple, but maybe rather hard to accomplish the first time you find yourself in a conscious dream. 

What happens to most new lucid dreamers, is that they are overridden by a stab of euphoria, the moment they realize “I am dreaming!”. 

There is nothing wrong with euphoria in general; only such very strong emotions mostly cause us to wake up immediately. 

I was instantly kicked out of my first hand full of lucid dreams, because I got so excited, that I had finally managed to lucid dream. Pretty shitty indeed! 

So the first lucid dreaming tip is to keep cool. Take a big breath (yes this is helpful in dreams, too, though you are inhaling dream air then) and be proud of yourself. But try to keep the storm of emotion, that will probably follow abay.   

Don’t be too disappointed, if this does not work right away. Once you have accomplished your first clear dream, your brain is heading in the right direction.

The next one will follow for sure! 

Tip on Experiencing Your First Lucid Dreams:
Also, try to avoid highly emotional tasks within your first lucid dreams. I know it’s tempting to raise into the air, jump out a window or have sex with an attractive person, but these are all things, that will give you quite a thrill, and therefore are likely to wake you up again.

1.2 Experience Your Dream Environment

The basic key to dream stabilization is to get in touch and experience your dream environment with your senses. It’s all about making yourself a part of this dream. 

Physical movement is a great way to do this. These are a few of your options (you may, of course, invent your own ;]) :

1.2.1 Rubbing Your Hands

This is a way of physical movement that involves your touching sense.

When you experience that rubbing sensation, this adds to a sense of awareness and reality. It causes your dream experience to feel more real and thereby anchors you more firmly your dream environment.

1.2.2 Spinning Around

Spinning Around is a technique that Stephen LaBerge suggests in his book Exploring The World of Lucid Dreaming. To make use of it, simply spread your arms and start to spin within your conscious dream.

You may try it with open, or with closed eyes, to find out if one works better than the other.

Do not spin too fast in the beginning, as some lucid dreamers have reported, that this would cause them to wake up. 

For some people spinning works extraordinarily well, for others the rubbing-hands-method works better. Try both types of stabilization techniques over time, to find out which suits you best.

1.2.3 Focus on Your Dream Environment

Another useful method is to research the ambience closely. This can be done in many ways:

  • For instance, you can just bend down and touch the floor, or any other dream projections. Become aware of its texture, and be fascinated how they feel!
  • You can also have a close look at your surroundings. Is there any object (a leave, furniture, some rock, etc.), or another person? Approach it, look at it all it’s details carefully, or talk to a person.
  • Become cognizant of all the facets, and details, your sleeping mind provides you with (tastes, feeling sensations, smells, sounds, etc.). You may be astonished how faithfully our mind can produce the environment within our dreams if we focus on them.

And make sure to try some dream candy – won’t end on your hips! 😉

1.3. How to Prolong Lucid Dreams & Stay Lucid

Especially at the beginning of their dream journeys, oneironauts have trouble to stay lucid. This is perfectly normal, as they are often overwhelmed by excitement or other strong feelings. Also, your mind needs to be trained to walk around lucidly within your dreams. 

Sometimes staying lucid is simply not possible, as we are already close to the point of waking up when we reach a lucid state within in our dreams. 

Another stumbling block is that the events in our dreams distract us in a way, that we simply forget, that we are experiencing a lucid dream, and therefore are drawn back into a normal dream. 

Here are some things you can do, to prevent yourself from waking up, as well as from and losing lucidity:

1.3.1 What to Do When You Wake Up

When you are noticing that your dream environment becomes hazy or dark though you are doing a stabilization technique, you are probably about to wake up. 

In this case, the most important thing is to stay calm – mentally and physically. As everything goes black around you, just stay as you are. Stop moving at once and mentally rehearse the dream, you just had. Also, rehearse to yourself: “I am still in a lucid dream.” To not to get washed away into a normal dream. 

Sometimes this blackness is just a small break between two dreams that occurs naturally and is a sign that our mind changes its degree of alertness within the sleep phase. In this case, you will enter the next dream, as soon as sleep gets more profound again. 

The key to staying lucid during this phase, is not to lose your awareness, in other words, to remember that you were just lucid dreaming, and bring that knowledge into the next dream, to make it a lucid one. 

If your body is really waking up though, it is important that you don’t move an inch. Though the urge to move your body might be strong, you have resisted it, to keep yourself from waking up entirely. 

Try to relax your muscles and hold your recent lucid dream in mind until you fall asleep again. In this way, you have a high chance to re-enter your clear dream at the point, where you got kicked out.

1.3.2 How to Prevent Losing Lucidity

So that you don’t forget that you actually have a conscious dream right now, constantly remind yourself of that fact, while enjoying your clear dream adventure. 

Best ways to manage that is to tell yourself “I am in a lucid dream!”. You may shout that aloud like “Hey I am lucid dreaming now!” To inform your subconscious, that you are holding the reins now. For me this also works wonders, to keep in control, of what is going on. 

Also keep doing frequent reality checks, to remind yourself that you are lucid dreaming, and engage your conscious mind demanding tasks that hold up clarity. 

Doing some maths can help a great deal, as well as staying focused on sensory stimuli, like touching sensations (rubbing your palms together, touch your surroundings), smells, visual details, etc. 

Make a habit out of them, and these lucid dreaming tips will help you to improve and prolong your adventures in the dream world greatly.

Lucid Dreaming Tips Part 2: How to Control Clear Dreams

As soon as you have learned to stabilize your clear dreams, you may want to learn about ways to manage those lucid dreams so that they serve your purpose. 

Usually, our dreams are controlled by our subconscious, and it’s expectations and associations lying buried underneath the surface of consciousness. 

When you are getting aware of yourself being dreaming, you get the great opportunity to influence and shape your dreams at will. 

Dream control, however, is not automatically included in being lucid. This is a skill that has to be trained like any other. 

Here are ways to accomplish greater dream control.

2.1 The Power of Belief

Anything you truly believe in, in a dream (either consciously or subconsciously) will impact your dream. 

You might have had normal dreams, where you were afraid of a certain thing to happen, and they might have watched exactly this thing happening (e.g. “The monster is going to find me.”). 

So you’re, for example, afraid of waking up, and focus on that outcome, it is very likely that you will wake up soon, if not instantly. 

Therefore it’s clearly better to believe and focus on positive thoughts like “I am having all the time, I want, to do whatever you want.” 

For me, it helps a lot to state those things out loud, even shout them with all the positive feelings, connected to them. 

Avoid negative statements and fears. Try to convert them into their positive outcomes and phrases (e.g. “I am saved from that monster as I know it’s only a part of my dream.”, “I know I can fly.”). 

Do you have more tips or experiences, for us about how you mastered your beliefs in clear dreams? Let’s discuss them in the comment box below!

2.2 Lucid Dreaming Tips on Flying

This is my all-time favorite! For me, there is nothing greater than to perceive the world from above or fly to the stars. 

There are a lot of other lucid dreamers that seem to get the same delight out of losing ground beneath their feet. 

Some reported that they simply raised into the air, without thinking about it. This indeed is what I did in my first lucid dream, too. However, I do not recommend doing this in your first lucid dream as the excitement almost certainly will wake you up). 

Some clear dreams later, though, when I planned to fly, I found myself soundly glued to the ground, unable to get an inch up into the air. Why? What hinders or enables us to fly in clear dreams? 

First of all, doubt is a powerful inhibition to get airborne. The moment you fall into it, you will fall to the ground like a sack of grain, or for that matter, never leave it. To accomplish things impossible in waking life, we have to change our beliefs about those actions in lucid dreams. 

You have to truly believe you can just jump up and fly, or that can go through walls, or lift a car. Know that this lucid dream is yours, and responds to your own physical laws, whatever they are. 

To start flying, first, know that you can. Then spread your arms wide and begin to jump, while you imagine yourself, taking off higher and higher into the air, with each jump. 

You can flap your arms, like a bird, while jumping. For most people, this provides great help. 

If you like, you may even invent yourself a pair of wings, a rocket engine, a flying carpet (I looove them!), or even an airplane.

Tip on Avoiding a Beginners Mistake:

Do not jump off a high spot, if you are not confident of your flying skills. If you fail to fly away but fall instead, this falling sensation will wake you up. ;( 

What are your experiences on flying in dreams? We would love to hear, tell us using the comment box at the end of this post.

2.3 Lucid Dreaming Tips on Changing Location

In conscious dreams, you have a bunch of options to adjust and change the dream scenery to your liking.

Here are the best lucid dreaming tips to do so

2.3.1 Use Doors

Dream doors are probably the easiest way to change the ambience of your conscious dreams. All you need to do so is to find one, and before opening it, imagine what you wish to find behind it. 

If there is no door available, it helps to imagine one behind you, and then turn around.

2.3.2 Dream Television

The dream television as well as a wonderful method to change the scenery within your lucid dreams or to let your subconscious come up with some ideas for new surroundings. 

When you are lucid, all you need to do is finding, or creating a huge TV and switch it on. Flip through the channels via remote-, voice-, or mind control. 

You may want to imagine a certain channel or just let your subconscious surprise you. As soon as you have found a show, scene or location, that appeals to you, take a run-up, and jump right into it. 

This really is awesome fun! You should give it a try, whether you already have other location-changing techniques, that work for you, or not.

2.3.3 Teleporting & Time Traveling

For teleport and time travel matters, I recommend the spinning technique. Spread your arms and close your eyes.

As you start to spin, rehearse (silently or aloud) and imagine the place and the time, you want to switch to.

If you are more comfortable with spinning open-eyed, imagine how your vision blurs and shifts to the wanted scene, as you rehearse time and place.

Do you have more lucid dreaming tips, for teleportation, and time travel? Please let us know in the comment box below!

2.4 Creating Dream Objects & Summoning Persons, or Animals

There are basically two ways to summon or create any object or persons (or imaginative creatures). 

  1. The first way is to visualize them. You can for example simply close your eyes and imagine them to be there, as soon as you open your lids again. With objects and smaller creatures it also works to imagine them appearing in your palms when you open your eyes.

    For some people, it works better to visualize them behind the next door or imagining them behind them, as soon as they turn around. 

  2. The second way to materialize a wanted object, creature, or person is to simply call them. This works best if you have a name for them.

    Shout it out as a kind of command “X come here!”, or “X appear!”.I, for example, have a dragon, that I love to summon, for traveling around. ;D

Which works better for you will depend on your personality. Some people are more affine for visualization techniques and others more for auditive, or lingual commands. 

Give both a try to find out, and tell us about your experiences below!

2.5 Lucid Dreaming Tips for Doing Magic

Doing magic is awesome! I am pretty sure very few of us would say no if offered this talent. As we have not found a sufficient way to perform it in real life, why not acting it out within our lucid dreams?

  • One way to performing magic in lucid dreams is to create a magic object, like for example a magic lantern or a magic hat, that empowers you, to cast spells.It will help, if this object is connected to magic by association, like a wand. Yet any other object, you give credit to do so, will serve your purpose well.
  • You can also imagine yourself being a witch, a sorcerer, a warlock, any or superhero, feeling the (magic) power floating through your veins, and springing up from your palms.
    For the ones among us that are of the lingual or auditive type, inventing a spell, or incantation may work best.

    If you can’t come up with one of your own, simply borrow from other magicians or any other powerful hero, you like (e.g. Harry Potter’s “Wingardium Leviosa”, or something like Son Goku’s “Kamehameha”).  

  • A third way is to work with magic potions and pills. Create them as explained above, and use them for your purpose. Use a swiftness potion or an elixir of giant growth – whatever you like!

Do you have your own way of doing magic in lucid dreams? Leave a comment below! 😀 

2.6 Shapeshifting

Shapeshifting into an animal, a monster, another human, or any creature you can imagine is great fun. A lot of people are fascinated with the idea of becoming someone else – at least for some time.
In lucid dreams you get the chance, to try what it feels like.
There are a lot of ways to accomplish the transformation, here are the most common ones:

  1. Spin to transform: Like done before, to change locations, you can use the momentum of the spin to transform your body into another one. Start to shift with open, and imagine and feel your body changing. You might experience how your point of view changes, as you become smaller or taller. You might also notice how your arms and hands start to reform.
  2. Jump into a magic lake, that which transforms you into the creature you are heading for (like in Ranma ½ =P). Feel and visualize the water changing your particles.
  3. You can also find yourself a mirror that’s reflecting you manipulate until it looks like you want it to be. For some people, it helps to step through this mirror to perform the transformation.
  4. Invent a magic pill, or potion, that is designed for shapeshifting, and drink it. If you like the idea of a magic talisman, or rune, or item better, creates one of those!
  5. Do it like the guys in the movies: Jump into the air and transform mid-flight into a wolf, a dragon, or any other form that suits you.

Play around with these possibilities and craft your very personal style to shapeshift.
Leave a comment below and let us know about your favorite lucid dreaming tips!

More Lucid Dreaming Tips: Using Shortcuts

To quicken your success in having conscious dreams, you may want to take advantage of some lucid dreaming helpers that smooth your way into the lucid world. 

Here is some stuff that can support your efforts.

Lucid Dreaming Supplements

There are certain lucid dreaming supplements such as natural dream herbs and note quite natural lucid dreaming pills. I have never tried lucid dreaming pills as I made a bad experience with synthetic pills and their additives. I tried some of the dream herbs, though.

Not sure if I should write about them here. Certain pages that did promote or offer them seemed to have gotten in trouble and are offline now. I guess that not all of those substances are strictly legal. At least not in Germany, where I live.

So if you wanna know more about them, leave me a note below. I will do some research then, and we’ll see how much we can write about dream herbs and lucid dreaming pills without having the police knocking at our Academy’s gates. 😉

Literature with Lucid Dreaming Tips

Those lucid dreaming books will provide you with expert lucid dreaming tips:

Blog Articles About Clear Dream Gear

  • Lucid Dreaming Mask
  • Free Lucid Dreaming Apps

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What Are Your Best Lucid Dreaming Tips?

Now I can’t wait to learn from your experience! What do you think about the tips, I listed? Which work best for you?

And do you have some tips of your own, from that the community might benefit?

Use the comment box to give us a lesson about your best lucid dreaming tips or to ask questions, or simply discuss the topic.

Looking forward to hearing your best lucid dreaming tips!

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